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Hope Flowers School seeks to empower Palestinian children through education, nurturing their role as responsible world citizens.

It serves refugee and disadvantaged children living around Bethlehem and those traumatized by conflict or experiencing learning difficulties deriving from prolonged hardship.

We educate for the wellbeing of humanity. Our educational system values democracy, social justice, human rights, women's and youth empowerment and training for peaceful resolution of conflict.

We empower students to develop a capacity for independent, creative thinking as well as understanding other people and their beliefs.

We see students, teachers, parents and the community as partners in this process. Good guiding principles, high educational standards, dedicated staff and parents, the pressure of need and innovative methods have made Hope Flowers a leader in its field.

This website outlines our educational methods and everything you need to know about the school and the Hope Flowers Foundation. The foundation runs Hope Flower School, the Hope Flowers adult education center and Radio Zohoor al Amal.

Every act of violence begins with an unhealed wound. Hope Flowers works on this principle. It re-sets the agenda in a society scarred by conflict and hardship.

Hope Flowers started in 1984 as a kindergarten for refugee children, founded by the late Hussein Issa, himself a refugee.

It started from 'below zero', scraping through its first years with little more than good intentions and lots of hard work.

By 1994, following the first intifada or Palestinian uprising, it became a secondary school in a new building in al Khader, in the west of Bethlehem.

After the second intifada, in 2004 the Hope Flowers Center for Education and Community Development was started, focusing on adult education, professional and teacher training and community development.

The center trains teachers from UNRWA and other schools in Palestine and the Middle East. Its knowledge and experience are gradually spreading internationally.

The school relies on support and donations from people, trusts and institutions worldwide. We welcome your  support. Click here for more details.

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